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Why WordPress Care & Ongoing Support is Important?

Things move fast in the world of WordPress.

WordPress Care – As a “Rising Star” WordPress is reported to be the most popular open-source platform powering 27% of the world’s websites and comes pretty close currently to being the best one. This is, at least, to say that WordPress generates more interest than other platforms and it is favoured by Google.

But let’s not speed things up as on average, a new WordPress update is released every couple of months and these releases can target bugs, security issues and/or introduce new features. It’s important to ensure your site is always using the most recent WordPress release, as this will help it run as smoothly as possible and provide the best experience to your visitors.

Some may say updates are incredible easy to install and both your WordPress version and plugins can be updated with a single click of a button. However, you can still run into unexpected problems, such as plugins not working correctly with your current software version, themes or other issues can come across anytime. This is why it’s a great idea to look to an agency to handle your WordPress support and maintenance.

Maintaining your WordPress site is time-consuming and a little tedious. After all, isn’t your site there to serve you? Why does maintenance matter? A WordPress site is not merely a one-time build that’s ready to sustain itself throughout the life of your company, brand or blog.

Just like your car needs oil changing on regular basis, your website needs some routine care to keep it in prime shape. Your WordPress site should ideally grow and improve as your business does. It is your primary image, your online presence for promoting your brand and connecting with your customers. Overlooking any one component of your website care for too long results in a negative impact for your customers, security and overall performance.

WordPress support comprises a number of different elements that keep your site performing at its best, and include many jobs you may not have the time or experience to undertake regularly.

This may include a few basic ones:

  • WordPress Core & Plugin Updates
  • Complete Backup of Your Website
  • Security
  • Optimizing the Database
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Finding and Fixing Errors
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Performing a Thorough Content and SEO
  • Optimize Images
  • Spam Removal

Another important reason users opt to outsource their WordPress support and maintenance is for security reasons. An experienced agency can ensure your site is as secure as possible, reducing the risk of any potential security breaches. As well as keeping your site safe from hacking attempts they can also make sure your site is regularly backed up, as an extra security protocol.

If you’ve worked with an agency or a freelancer to bring your vision to life you’ll rightfully be disappointed if they disappear in a poof of smoke after you’ve paid their last invoice, so it’s important you work alongside an agency who offer ongoing support and maintenance plans. If they’ve worked on the initial build of your site then they know better than anybody how it works and the best way to keep it running in elite condition.


Developing an ongoing relationship with your WordPress agency is key for peace of mind and if you can find one who does everything you need, you’re onto a winner. When you’re looking for an agency to design your site, go for an organisation that will not only design and build your site, but will offer ongoing support, care and security packages, as well as future re-designs. That way you get to build up a trusting relationship that’s valuable to both parties involved.

Support and web care is key for any new site and especially soon after launch. We find that with the right support in place a site will rarely have to come back to us for common problems like site hacks, downtime, backups or updates because that’s all covered in a simple support agreement.

We like to keep a healthy transparent relationship with our clients as more than an agency, we become your digital partner helping to grow all aspects of your business with website score testing, marketing strategies, landing page, speed and conversion rate optimization by enhancing your SEO strategy to maximise ROI. We become your special WordPress Consultant.

If you want to know more about our services then please check our Website Care Plans.

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You are amazing! Thanks for joining, please follow the email we've sent you to get started.


WP benefits!

Skyrocket your WordPress website! Try our website care services right away for 30 days with no risk only benefits, that's our commitment.

You are amazing! Thanks for joining, please follow the email we've sent you to get started.